Based on this indexing technology, Aleph-Networks has developed two specialised search and analysis engines, non-intrusive and totally independent from any API. These engines integrate a machine learning module for an intelligent and industrial sourcing, an image search engine, fine analysis tools for multimedia and multilingual open sources and different modes of results visualization, including a graph representation tool. Aleph Search Clear is more than a monitoring tool, it is a flexible search and analysis engine, allowing the constitution of a personalised search infosphere, integrating any source of the Clear web according to the user's choices. This software allows the user to build a tailor-made strategic research and analysis tool: sourcing and evolution of the infosphere according to the evolution of the needs and the context, choice of scoring algorithms, parameterization of the analysis and visualization tools, data export. Aleph Search Dark allows the search for traces and illicit data on the Dark & Deep webs, the mapping of these areas of the web, the identification of clusters of influence and the search for certain "remarkable elements". It allows to identify data leaks, to monitor strategic assets of the company and thus to detect information theft, malicious action or geopolitical risk. This software allows easy access to the information contained in these perimeters without leaving the engine and industrialises the work of cyber analysts and security managers.


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In 2022, the Security Research Event is committed to compensate its carbon footprint by investing in certified carbon-offset projects supporting local communities worldwide.