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EuropeaN Cbrn Innovation for the maRket CLustEr

The project is a coordinated support action which has been conceived to strengthen EU CBRN industry through interlinked lines of action. In the first place, an open and neutral cluster composed of practitioners and technological providers has been created, and the project is now providing a sustainable roadmap for the developing of the CBRN market with identified needs and gaps. It also provides an integration with platforms and future EU standards for CBRN technologies to be developed in the framework of Research and Innovation Actions selected from the 2018 call for proposals, namely the COSMIC, TERRIFFIC and EU-SENSE projects. Finally, the overall framework will support CBRN commercial and market services, and facilitate European CBRN dissemination.

Website: https://www.encircle.eu/


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In 2022, the Security Research Event is committed to compensate its carbon footprint by investing in certified carbon-offset projects supporting local communities worldwide.