Disaster risk management

Toxi-Triage project aims at accelerated and improved relief and delivery of situational awareness in an operational environment of CBRNE emergencies and natural hazards. It produces new rapid tools for the detection and traceability of CBRN threats, triage and individual monitoring of victims through the whole casualty journey of patients.
The project’s final field exercise FTX Disperse was carried out with TIC scenario with simulated chlorine in Mikkeli, Finland in May 2019 by the lead of South-Savo Regional Fire Service together with other security authorities and all technology providers of the project. In October 2018 FTX Focus was carried out with CWA scenario with simulated sarin in Athens, Greece with the lead of Hellenic Ministry of Defence together with military personnel and technology providers of the project. All Finnish partners of Toxi-Triage, South-Savo Regional Fire Service (SSAV) with briefing of FTX Disperse, University of Helsinki/Verifin (UH) with ToolBox, University of Jyväskylä (JYU) with Hyperspectral CBRNE detection and Environics (EOY) with ChemPro C- and RanidFly R/N detection methods are present in SRE2019 in Helsinki, Finland.


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In 2022, the Security Research Event is committed to compensate its carbon footprint by investing in certified carbon-offset projects supporting local communities worldwide.